The Best Fifteen Minutes


The house is silent and all the kids are queit and busy.  They don’t seem to need moms full attention right now.   What should she do?

Does she do chores or get online or make a phone calls?  These things are needed but do they fill her tired soul?

Or does she take fifteen minutes to do something all by herself?    I vote that she takes time for herself to fill up and rest.

How do we care for ourselves when we get those fifteen minute breaks?   I’ve realized that this rare time comes and goes quickly.  I must be prepared and ready to enjoy.

I have created a post for Moms with tons of ideas.  Ideas for you to prepare and have ready to go.   All of us need to have fifteen minutes here and there that is just for us.

Why is it so important to take a time out for ourselves?  Well let me tell you why my friends!

Moms, we spend most of our time looking out for the best interest of our kids, loving our husbands, and caring for our homes.  It’s a full time job that is amazing, rewarding, and so very tiring.

We are helping the world become a better place by shaping our kids to be all that they can be.  Moms, don’t ever under estimate the importance of what you do.

We all need to have something in mind for ourselves that we can look forward to doing each day.    Even if it’s just for fifteen minutes.

Today I hope to encourage and inspire you all to fill a basket for yourself of goodies.  Over at Stay At Home Mom’s Survival Guide Blog we share great ideas for you to consider and share with your friends. 

You will find the rest of the post here –  Action Plan For Tired Moms




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