My Motherhood Story by Lisa Brown


Being a Mom and Wife is an amazing journey but it’s different then what I imagined.   And there have been disappointments along the way.  However, in the midst of it all God always gives me more than I ask for!   I’m surprised by His ways and humbled.

He meets me where I’m at and gently takes me to where He wants me to go.   We wrestle quit a bit and every time He wins.    Right now there is a war going on inside of me.   You see, I’m not quit sure I understand my messy life.  I feel like I’m getting punched in the gut.   I’m faced with parenting issues that I didn’t think I would have to ever face.   My cry to God is this,  “Please don’t let me mess up.”

Once again He gently reminds me that He is holding my children and showing me the way.  He has given me an amazing husband that is full of faith and hope.  I’ve always dreamed of a marriage filled with friendship and deep love.   Through trials and tribulations the two of us are one in the Lord.  This is something that one can’t comprehend until they experience it.  Yes, God always gives me more than I ask for.

And I imagine there are awesome things that God is going to show me through the trial we are faced with today.  He also has something amazing for you!!!  Just hang in there!!  He is not done with you or me yet.

When I go through hard times God helps me to remember my past and all the good that comes from messes.  Today I’m a guest writer over at  Made To Mother and I share my story.  I’d love for you to hop on over.    Life is full of disappointments but in the end God’s perfect plan comes to pass.   If you are discouraged today and life is full of unexpected heart breaks, please know that you are not alone.  When things don’t make sense, hold on to truth.  The truth is, God will never let us go and He always helps us through.   I have to remind myself of this everyday.

I’d love to share my story with you.  Be encouraged!!!   I Wouldn’t Want To Live Life Any Other Way

2 thoughts on “My Motherhood Story by Lisa Brown

  1. Oh, my friend, I can so relate to this: “We wrestle quite a bit and every time He wins.” And none of us are the moms we thought we’d be. Thankfully, our Father is so much bigger than our wrestling and our failures. In fact, He covers our pitiful attempts and brings about beauty in spite of us. Grace and peace to you! ❤️

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